Monday, November 03, 2008

Respiratory Viral Season on Its Way

Excerpted from CDC's California Influenza Brief:

Influenza activity, including sentinel provider outpatient influenza-like illnesses and Kaiser Permanente P&I (pneumonia and influenza), remains low throughout California. Based on reports of infrequent positive influenza laboratory tests in both Northern and Southern California, influenza activity in California remained sporadic (defined by the CDC as “Isolated cases of lab confirmed influenza in the state, but ILI activity is not increased”). One case of severe pediatric influenza which tested positive by rapid test for influenza A was reported this week from the San Francisco Bay Area.

We have had reports of a few positive tests for RSV from the Southern California Kaiser System, but parainfluenza type 2 is dominating the positive samples. Stay tuned in the upcoming weeks for a more complete update of respiratory viruses.


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