Monday, January 26, 2009

Still not much influenza in Southern California

We continue to see high levels of RSV in Southern California. This past week we were clocking in at 30% positive of specimens submitted to the local reporting laboratories. Our influenza rates are extremely low. This time last year we were well into influenza season with significant rates throughout the area. Stay tuned to this site for the most up to date numbers on RSV and influenza.
Also please refer to the CDC website: for the most recent updates on resistant influenza. So far this season (with very few isolates available for testing) the majority of H1N1 isolates are RESISTANT to Oseltamivir but retain susceptibility to both Zanamivir and the adamantadines (Rimantidine and Amantidine).
Recommendations for both prophylaxis and treatment of influenza are updated based on the continued surveillance by the CDC and antiviral testing.


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