Monday, June 29, 2009

Respiratory Viral Activity In Southern California

This blog has been on a month long hiatus due to the normal end of respiratory viral season. However, as you are all aware we are in the midst of an influenza pandemic with a novel virus: H1N1, formerly known as "Swine Flu".

The virus is now at pandemic levels per CDC and WHO criteria and the most up to date information can be accessed at these websites as well as the Los Angeles County website (

The local numbers being reported out of our are not large at the present time, but much higher than what would be expected for this time of the year. As of June 26, 2009, 27,717 confirmed and probable infections with pandemic influenza A (H1N1) virus and 127 deaths (33 deaths in individuals less than 25 years, 89 deaths in adults 25 years of age older, and five deaths with unknown age) have been identified by CDC and state and local public health departments.

Of additional interest is that with the increased testing of febrile respiratory illnesses we are also seeing a jump in other non-influenza viruses such as parainfluenza (type 3) and human metapneumonvirus. All that coughs is not influenza!


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