Friday, January 07, 2011

RSV rates significantly increase in Southern California

We are seeing significant increases in the numbers of positive RSV tests from our reporting sites in Southern California. The week of 12/25 we recorded 25% positive samples and last week it was up to 33%. A similar trend is being seen throughout the state as reported by the California Department of health:

"A sharp increase in the percentage of RSV detections in sentinel labs was observed this week. Table 3 shows positive influenza and RSV results reported from sentinel laboratories during Week 52. Of 1,397 specimens tested for RSV during Week 52, 614 (44.0%) were positive. This was a substantial increase from the previous week, when 462 (32.4%) of 1,409 specimens tested positive for RSV".

Data from the 65 sentinel laboratories can be seen on the California DPH website:


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