Thursday, April 03, 2008

Respiratory viruses still active in Southern California

Our local data looks very similar to the nation wide data collected by the CDC (see graph)

Although we are certainly seeing a downward trend in the number and percent positives for both RSV and Influenza, we are still seeing endemic levels of RSV (defined as >10% of samples tested). Past history shows that once there are signs of drop off (as we have seen over the past 2-3 weeks) the trend accelerates and we will most likely be out of RSV season in the next 4 weeks. As for influenza A and B, we are continuing to see both still circulating in the community, although at much lower levels than 1 month ago. Interestingly, this year proved to be a big "B" year, much in part due the mismatch of not only A virus but of B as well. In light of these new strains, all three virus strain s in the influenza vaccine for the next year (2008-9 season) will differ from this year's vaccine. The choices for NEXT year's vaccine will be A/Brisbane/59/2007-like H1N1; A/Brisbane/10/2007-like H3N2and a B/Florida/4/20006-like virus.


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